Top 10 Nigerian Banks on Facebook – Union Metrics




  • With a growth rate of 8.47%, First City Monument Bank enjoyed the highest Fan Growth Rate amongst the 10 brands analysed
  • First City Monument Bank also had the highest PTA score at 2.92%, more than twice as good as the second placed bank.
  • Continuing the trend, First City Monument bank also engaged best with their fans, their engagement score of 411 being more than 3X that of their closest competitor.
  • The most engaging content was around multiple choice questions and football.
  • Interestingly, most Nigerian banks don’t allow for fan posts to their page. This makes for a convoluted user experience in general and those that do allow showed their superiority with high PTA and engagement scores.
  • First Bank of Nigeria enjoyed not only the highest amount of fan correspondence but the highest amount of positive sentiment as well at 42%.

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